N, Q, & R Lines

The Q (express), N and R (local) trains stop just down the block from the hotel at the 49th Street station. The nearest entrance to the station from the hotel is at the corner of 47th Street and Broadway. The Q, N and R lines offer easy access to Midtown East heading uptown and Herald Square, Union Square, SoHo, and Brooklyn heading downtown.

E & C Lines

The E and C trains are easily accessible from the hotel at the 50th Street station. This station's nearest entrance to the hotel is at 50th Street and Eighth Avenue. These trains provide access to Midtown East and the American Natural History Museum going uptown, or the High Line and the 9/11 Memorial further downtown.

1 Train

This train is available at the 50th Street station, accessible at 50th Street and Broadway. The 1 Train runs uptown to the Upper West Side and downtown to Chelsea and Greenwich Village.