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A Historic Hotel in Times Square

The History of The Hotel Edison

The Hotel Edison carries a rich past -- from its beginnings as an Art Deco masterpiece to its status as a destination for celebrities and movie shoots -- and an exciting present, with the addition of newly remodeled Signature Collection rooms.

The backstory of our historic hotel in Times Square begins in the 1930s:

1931 - Let There Be Light

  • Thomas Alva Edison himself turns on the lights at the grand opening of Hotel Edison. The hotel proudly holds the name of the famed American inventor to this day.
  • From its early days, the hotel's prime Times Square location and its elegant Art Deco style attracted attention.

1940s - Present -- Hollywood's Second Home

  • 1940s - Tony Pastor performs at Hotel Edison
  • 1950s - "Naked City" detective Adam Flint is filmed kissing a girlfriend in front of Hotel Edison
  • 1972 - Hotel Edison's hallway appears in "The Godfather"
  • 1994 - Jack Warden and John Cusack walk through the hotel in "Bullets over Broadway"
  • 2014 - Michael Keaton stops in at The Rum House for a few drinks in his role as Riggan Thomson in the Oscar Award-winning "Birdman"

2000s -- Staying In Vogue

  • The Hotel Edison emerges as a trendsetter once more, reviving the elegance of old New York City

2008 -- The Edison Ballroom, Reborn

  • The Edison Ballroom reopens after Glen & Company restore the interior with its original Art Deco elements

2014 - The Signature Collection Arrives